We sell products for the industrial, chemical, petrochemical, energy and aqueduct sectors with particular attention on the resolution of safety related situations. The 30 years experience of our management allows us to offer materials and services that meet the needs of mechanical maintenance and of plants engineering, through increasingly innovative proposal and technical solutions.

The project

We have developed over the years a wide range of technical solutions to support traditional requirements but also the new ones arising from the addition of the need for more reliability of plants and safety at work, all in consideration of the environment. Pu.Ma. Trading develops and setup “Fall arrestor system” in the industrial and civil field and offers training for workers in confined spaces with mobile vehicles, which allows to train workers on their company headquarters.

And also...

Pu.Ma Trading makes use of Quality management system complying with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, DNV certified, ensuring the quality of the services offered, and also makes use of a SOA certification capable to carry out maintenance activity and renovation in various field such as aqueducts, gas pipelines, bank counters. For this purpose it is General Contractor for Unicredit group for all their renovation activities and air conditioning system for the group offices.

The company vision

Never leave anything to change

The experience gained on hundreds of yards scattered all over the world taught us that deep down this is the secret to make a work place safe.

Set to zero the risk

Understanding in advance all danger situations, closing any space for danger: we work on this with a meticulous attention, aware of the competitive advantage that a safe workplace brings with it.

Safety is more than a legal requirement

Safety is care to the coworker or to the company employee, is a break with concerns and dangers, is an economical advantage in terms of productivity and in terms of insurance cost reduction, costs that burden on companies more and more.

We set to zero the dangers

We are aware that the aim “zero risk” implies a unique vision about the security issue. A genuine philosophy of prevention to address the question in a holistic way: our measures are not intended to a temporary solution of a leak, but they take charge the work place in its entirety aiming for the permanent resolution to every future trouble.

Safety is not a circumstance issue for us

That’s why we put the experience which we gain on real work place at the service of a preliminary analysis of risks and this analysis shall consider all sources of danger, the real individual’s behaviour, the work place in its entirety.

It’s only starting from this analysis that – subsequently – we identify the appropriate custom-made solutions for clients, a project proposal capable of ensure a reduction to zero of every possible risk.

Leaving anything to change.