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Syspraystop chem

Security turning flange guard for chemicals SYSPRAYSTOP CHEM turning flange guard for chemicals. SYSPRAYSTOP CHEM security flange guard made with high strength tensile fabric. SYSPRAYSTOP CHEM changes its color with the first ppm of fluid spilled from the flange. Specific designed for plants where there is the presence of chemicals. SYSPRAYSTOP CHEM monitors, preventing coupling […]

Syspraystop met

Metallic security flange guard for high temperature and pressure flammable products. RINA certified SYSPRAYSTOP MET reusable metallic security flange guard made of AISI 316L, RINA certified, specific designed for plants where there is the presence of high pressure and temperature flammable fluids. SYSPRAYSTOP MET nullifies the possibility that, in the event of a sudden collapse […]


Padlocked mechanical lock for power sources Lock Out – Tag Out Plant safety is always at risk during the maintenance steps (electrical or mechanical). Nowadays to deal with this need, labels or copies of the work permit are placed close to the power source to secure. SYCURITY is now the only way to lock power […]

Labelling Project

Plants identification and labelling based on Legislative decree 81/08, annex XXVI (UNI 5634/97) Very often, the identification of plants (pipes, valves, pumps, fuse and control boxes, equipment, etc.) is difficult to achieve according to law, because the identification is incomplete, sometimes totally lacking or homemade like, for example, using markers, spray paints, laminated sheets or […]


Security anti-tampering seal PITPULL IDENTIFIES AND SEALS YOUR WASTE A company is liable of waste generated, by law, until not properly disposed of in landfills. PITBULL is a patented system that eliminates the possibility that waste can be compromised with other material not mentioned on the form. Thanks to PITBULL it can be possible to […]