At the source

It’s not just about the Health and Safety laws, but also the common sense that suggest a systemic approach to the “zero risk” question: to eliminate at source every possible problem.
That’s why in the preliminary evaluation phase and in custom made project phase, is at the possible source of risk that we deal with carefully, thinking about permanent solutions with a view to eliminate every danger signal from plants.

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Syspraystop chem

SYSPRAYSTOP CHEM – security flange guard made with high strength tensile fabric. Orange color (changes its color with the first ppm of fluid spilled from the flange) specific to plants where there are chemicals (acids e alkali)

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Syspraystop met

SYSPRAYSTOP MET – Reusable metallic security flange guard made of AISI 316L, RINA certified, specific designed for plants where there is the presence of high pressure and temperature flammable fluids.

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Padlocked mechanical lock
for power sources Lock Out – Tag Out

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Labelling Project

Plants identification and labelling based on Legislative decree 81/08, annex XXVI

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Security disposable anti-tampering seal identified using laser technology (company logo/identification number)

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